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About Us

Pique is a one-page scrolling theme designed for small, independent businesses. Using the Customizer settings, you can tweak and adjust each panel until it looks just right.

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Whats Brewing


Country of origin: Ethopia
Roundhill Roastery, Radstock

Finca El Socorro y Anexes
Country of origin: Guatemala
James Gourmet Coffee, Ross-On-Wye


A Tierra de Corazon
Country of origin: Mexico
Roasted in-house

Coko Nyange
Country of origin: Rwanda
Clifton Coffee Roasters, Bristol


Peppermint & White Chocolate Latte
A foamy, indulgent treat, best savoured on a chilly winter day.

Spicy Mayan Mocha
Made with cayenne pepper and raw cacao, as well as cinnamon, nutmeg, and loads of cream, this spicy, sweet drink has some bite.

On Creativity

This coffee falls into your stomach, and straightway there is a general commotion. Ideas begin to move like the battalions of the Grand Army of the battlefield, and the battle takes place. Things remembered arrive at full gallop, ensuing to the wind.

Happy Customers

A leaf fluttered in through the window this morning, as if supported by the rays of the sun, a bird settled on the fire escape, joy in the task of coffee, joy accompanied me as I walked.

Kitty Kat Fan of espresso, prolific writer

This is my favourite cafe on earth! They never kick me out for wearing silly glasses, and they make a mean cup of espresso. Two moustaches up!

Mr. Laugh A-lot General mischief-maker

Our Staff

Jane Doe

Likes craft beer, mustaches, and chocolate-flavoured anything. Sings in the shower when she thinks nobody’s listening. Favourite way to make coffee: using a Chemex with unbleached filters.

Admiral Fluffy

Likes tuna, long naps in sunny windows, and knocking pens off tables. Tends to get cranky when people touch his tummy. Favourite way to make coffee: meow loudly until humans make him an espresso

Mr. Laugh A-Lot

Likes the internet, enthusiastic moustaches, and sending silly letters to foreign dignitaries. Can often be found joking around with his brothers. Favourite way to make coffee: Mr Coffee machine.

Find Us


+44 1752 267862


Jamaica House
82–84 Vauxhall Street
Sutton Harbour, Plymouth


Mon–Wed: 7am–9pm
Thurs–Sat: 7am–11pm
Sun: 8am–9pm


Contact Form